About us

Production and Trade Company Tabita Com . was founded in 2004. The main activity of the company is aimed at the manufacture of footwear of any model and assortment, as well as the provision of services for the manufacture of footwear for companies in the field, which is successful. The primary purpose is to provide qualitative and quantitative services. Every day about 120 employees work here. This factory has the tendency to extend even further and to be loyal to any proposal of the client in order to collaborate and execute the received orders so that in result to obtain the footwear that will present a true competition on the international market. The footwear is manufactured at the north of R. Moldova, the factory is located in Floresti.


The footwear production section for men, women, and children.

Section for the production of finished footwear

Also in Chisinau activates the cross-section with a daily capacity of at least 600 pairs per day. Starting with 2007 this company makes products for European brands such as Diadora, Hogan, Reropam, etc, as well as exporting a large number of goods to Asia. middle.         

In 2016 it saw an increase of 45% by the fact that it was able to open a factory in Romania where a certain number of workers are already operating, to be able to sell on the European market as well. Every year the production, quantity, and quality of the products are growing more and more. Also, every season of the year, the collections are constantly changing due to the specialized modelers, and this greatly increases the profit of the company by offering them more sales every year.



Highly professional workers working for more than 15 years
Use of modern technologies
Own network of shops
The total production area consisting of more than 3500 m2